How to Rid your Car of BedBugs

How to Rid your Car of BedBugs

By Mark Toljagic,
MSN Autos

Bedbugs are crawling out of houses and in to vehicles, buses and planes. Here's how to avoid them, and how to rid the pests.

It has some colourful nicknames such as chinche, redcoat, wall louse, mahogany flat and our favourite, the crimson rambler. It's the common bedbug and, unfortunately, it's getting to be too common.

Bedbugs are becoming a problem of epic proportions. History has never seen such intensive and widespread bedbug infestations. Public health officials estimate that up to one-quarter of residents in some cities may have problems with bedbugs. Many of New York City's swankiest hotels are home to them.

An infestation is no reflection on your housekeeping skills; some of the cleanest homes can have bedbugs just because an opportunistic bug got carried into the inner sanctum. More international travel, the popularity of second-hand furniture and greater resistance to pesticides are some of the reasons behind the recent bedbug resurgence.

Not only do they nest in our beds, now comes word these little buggers may congregate in - horror of horrors - our cars! That's the last straw. Nobody wants blood-suckers in their vehicle; at least not once the salesperson has finished showing us all of its features.

Solution: Have your car treated with Ozone. Ozone kills bedbugs!

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