Satisfied Ozone Laundry System Customer

Satisfied Ozone Sanitization Clients

"Thank you Airtrona for being so easy to deal with, and for the professional, friendly and welcoming service. I could not believe how simple it was to eliminate the odour problem after a flood in our facility. Your technology is second to none!! The process is simple, and the results are outstanding!!"

John Savidis - Lean & Fit

"We had a truck that had a terrible cigar smoke smell...we could not sell it. l called AirTrona and they removed the smell with there ozone sanitization process. Within days we sold that vehicle. Thanks AirTrona. GREAT JOB!!"

Paul Meyers - Business Manager FORD

"The ozone sanitization process is Amazing! We had a smell that no one thought was possible to remove. AirTrona worked wonders! I have personally recommended you for 3 other projects."

Rob - Freightliner

"Based on our experience with AirTrona and the feedback from our customers and associates, I would recommend Airtrona's product. We have a very good relationship with AirTrona. They were very very on the ball, very detailed orientated. We saved alot of money, we saved alot of soap for the enviroment. The linen is cleaner and more white. So for us its less recleaning. AirTrona's ozone laundry system is a very very good product because it helps to save hot water and soap in our daily operations."

Didier Luneau, Hotel Manager -Le Centre Sheraton - Montreal

"The AirTrona ozone laundry system allowed us several savings, the hot water, the quanity of water and the extended life of the linen. These are specfic measurable savings that we have with the ozone machine. As a director of finance l can recommend AirTrona to install their ozone laundry machine in any of our hotels because there are substantial savings that we can get from this machine."

Daniel Verner, Director of Finance - Le Centre Sheraton - Montreal

Case Study Proves Ozone Laundry Systems Saves Cash, Save the Environment, and Makes Towels Fluffy

To date we've saved our customers
in laundry costs!

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